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Adventure Parks and Entertainment


Retail and Shopping Centers

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Multi-family and Assisted Living

Whether building a small entertainment center or a large scale indoor amusement park we have you covered.  As a preferred contractor for Urban Air we have done numerous trampoline parks across the country. Our expertise and knowledge in this field help us build parks efficiently, on time and in budget.  

Whether you’re building a dining establishment, bank or retail store, we have the expertise to get your project to the finish line. Having years of experience in this field allows us to leverage the best quality sub-contractors for your job. It also helps us navigate the crucial planning involved with completing your project quickly. Being able to operate quickly and keep projects on budget is the main goal for our clients.

The multi-family building market has taken off over the last two decades.  There is a high demand for affordable living with high end amenities and modern smaller footprint apartments.  We know this market well and understand the trends that consumers are gravitating towards. 

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Government and Municipal

Office Building


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Louderback has always been about building great relationships and this goes hand in hand with the local governments and municipalities that serve our great communities.  Our honesty and integrity helps develop a level of transparency that makes it easy for our government and municipalities to consistently choose us to do their work.

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The future of the office segment has been left in limbo.  Now more than ever architects and designers need rethink how office layouts will keep employees happy and safe.  Our architects and engineers work hard to make sure these standards are met in hopes of getting America back to work and in the office.  

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We believe that proper education is the key to success for every human being.  We take pride in building institutions that will help future generations flourish and prosper.  Every human has a right to education and we work to help make sure that right is attainable.

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